Need to Change Locks in Charlotte?

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When you move into a new home, office, or store, it’s a pretty good idea to have your old locks replaced immediately! Our trusted technicians in Charlotte, NC can change locks on house and business doors upon your demand. In addition. all of our Mobile Lock Change units are fully equipped with all kinds of low-cost, state of the art locks and deadbolts for you to choose from! We work with brand name locking systems as well. So whether you’re looking for a simple lock or a high-tech one, we can deliver the product! (704) 702-0194.

Rapid 20 Minute Arrival

You no longer have to look for the local lock store to purchase the locks and call another business to schedule an appointment to install the hardware. The experts we hired are able to change locks anywhere in the Charlotte, NC area on short notice. Once you place an order, it takes about 20 minutes (on average) until the technician can arrive at your location and starts the lock change work. That fact can come up handy when your locks replaced in a short time frame.

Affordable Lock Replacement Prices

There are thousands of different types of locks in the market. Sadly, like any other creditable lock replacement service in Charlotte surrounding areas, we have to see the locks you need to change before we can provide a final price. That is why our team members have been instructed to charge only $19 Service Fee if you decide that you don’t like the rate we offer!

We Change Locks 24 Hours a Day!

As the most reliable lock change service in the city, we serve the people of Charlotte, NC our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for their convenience and peace of mind. That’s right, you can have your locks changed early in the morning or even late at night! So in case of an emergency, give us a ring at (704) 702-0194 and let our masters change locks on your property in Charlotte, NC at a time that fits your schedule best!